Pendulum Skid Test

The Pendulum Skid Tester is one of the standard devices used for measuring and monitoring skid resistance on roads and airfields. Originally designed in the United States, the instrument was quickly adopted and further developed by the UK Transport Research Laboratory for the testing of roads and runways.

The pendulum is used to measure the frictional properties between a rubber slider, mounted on the end of a swinging arm and the road surface. The method of test provides a direct measure of the surface microtexture, either out in the field or in the laboratory and can be used to give a reading of skid resistance in the following areas:

  • Road and airfield surface testing in accordance with BS EN13036-4:2011 which describes the modern day use of the Pendulum Skid Tester to measure skid resistance.
  • Road Note 27 (Second Edition), 1969 describes the method of testing and classification of results obtained when using the Pendulum Skid Tester. The results correlate with the performance of a vehicle with patterned tyres, braking with locked wheels on a wet road at 50km/h.
  • Testing of aggregates using BS EN1097-8 to determine the Polished Stone Value (PSV).
  • Traffic accident sites.
  • Testing of in-situ road marking materials for skid resistance in accordance with EN1436:1997.

Whilst there are now a wide range of methods to measure the skid resistance of road and airfield surfaces, the Pendulum Skid Test remains a useful addition, particularly in areas where using other test methods and equipment is impracticable.

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