Road Surface Tests

Skid resistance is the term used to describe the frictional properties of a road or runway surface under measurement. The maintenance of adequate levels of skidding resistance on these running surfaces is an important aspect of their design and one that contributes significantly to user safety.

At low speed, the skid resistance of a road is dependent upon the microtexture of the aggregate particles at the surface. This property is necessary for vehicle tyres to penetrate films of water on the surface of the road and achieve sufficient contact. It is important at all traffic speeds but is seen to predominate up to 50 km/h. At speeds above 50 km/h, skid resistance is more dependent upon the macrotexture, which is the overall roughness of the surface, and its ability to disperse water from between the vehicle tyres and the road surface.

National Testing have invested heavily in our ability to accurately assess skid resistance and as such we are fully equipped to measure both the microtexture and macrotexture characteristics on roads, runways and pavement surfaces. We offer a fast and flexible road testing service with the ability to deploy at short notice. We provide nationwide coverage along with factual and accurate reporting in the following essential areas:

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