GripTester Surveys

National Testing own and operate a GripTester MK2, one of the world’s leading trailer based continuous surface friction measuring devices used by highways and airport authorities around the globe for road testing and surveys. The GripTester MK2 primarily measures the microtexture of a road surface and the resulting GripNumber (GN) can be easily converted to SCRIM equivalents for ease of evaluation against the levels set by agencies in their own skid resistance policies.

Maintenance of adequate levels of skid resistance on all classifications of roads is an important aspect of their design and one that directly contributes to user safety and lower levels of skid related accidents. Our GripTester skid resistance survey is used to identify areas of poor surface friction and support network maintenance decisions. Our services are of particular use to local authorities for the following:

  • Entire network surveys
  • Monitoring performance of individual routes
  • Comparison of retextured sites (before and after restoration)
  • Assessing surface friction after road reconstruction
  • Measuring skid resistance at accident sites

The GripTester MK2 is also recognised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority as an airfield surface friction tester able to perform maintenance testing, operational testing and evaluation of rapid taxiways and perimeter roads.

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