What Are The Benefits Of Griptester Surveys?

What Are The Benefits Of Griptester Surveys?

Posted: 12th Sep 2016

Posted by: The National Testing Team

GripTester surveys are invaluable in assessing and monitoring surface friction in road infrastructures, pedestrian areas and airport runways. The GripTester MK2 can be used in preventative circumstances as well as to establish due diligence in the case of any surface friction issues.

Here we will look into the benefits of GripTester surveys and the positive impact they have in a wide variety of situations.

The GripTester MK2 In A Nutshell

The GripTester is a trailer-based device on three wheels. It continuously measures skid resistance using a wheel which slips or skids after breaking. The internal computer generates a “GripNumber” - otherwise known as the friction coefficient - to determine the safety of the surface. This data is then sent to the selected computer within the towing vehicle and translated onto the GripTester software.

Is It Complicated?

When carried out by a professional GripTester surveys are amongst the simplest, yet most effective friction surveying methods out there. Its’ compact and robust nature means that it can be deployed in a wide range of environments and easily transported to desired locations. As it can be towed to the back of almost any vehicle, the GripTester can can be carried out causing as little disruption as possible, making investigation a fast and effective process. Safety of surfaces in a busy working environment is important to both your staff and the general public and the GripTester makes this important procedure a speedy one. It can determine surface conditions in minutes.

The built-in computer system enables internal calibration in just 10 minutes and readings are unaffected by road curvature. For airport runways, the Airbase Software is particularly useful as it is made with airport operations in mind, making data easy to read and act upon. With just one tank of water you can test 100 miles of surface which means it is an incredibly efficient surface friction test.

On-Site Grip Testing

Airfield Surfaces - frequent GripTester surveys help prevention of overruns on runways and enable fast action to be taken after testing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has stated that visual analysis cannot properly determine runway contamination and GripTester surveys are a great advancement in establishing where cleaning and repairs must take place. By targeting specific areas on-site with the GripTester, money can be saved in avoiding constant maintenance of large areas.

Roads and Pavements - GripTester surveys are useful for testing road surfaces as they are durable, reliable and accurate. Results are unaffected by the naturally occurring road curvature and have excellent repeatability to ensure precision. Its versatility means that it can perform on all classes of roads and can be towed by a number of vehicles. It can even carry out tests in “Walk Mode” which is particularly useful in surveying pedestrianised areas, bridges and accident sites.

Weather Tolerant:

No risks can be taken in the evaluation of airport runways, especially in extreme weather. Surveying must take place in a timely manner, and the GripTester does just that. Proven in places of extreme weather such as Norway and Alaska, it can determine the safety of weather contaminated runways almost immediately. Currently, GripTester Surveys are in operation globally, withstanding and providing safety in all climates. The Automatic Water Delivery System (AWS) maintains the accuracy of results by controlling and minimising water usage. Rain, snow, ice or scorching heat will not deter from the most accurate results in surveys of surface safety.


If the GripTester technology were a student in school, its achievement chart would be crammed with gold stars. It is one of the world’s front-runners in trailer-based surface friction measuring devices. It is used worldwide to maintain safety with global success. The GripTester MK2 achieved major acclamation in trials at the Transport Research Laboratory. It has also gained recognition from international organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Road Association (PIARC).

If all the benefits of GripTester Surveys have caught your eye, our friendly team at National Testing are waiting to help you take your next steps to efficient and reliable surface testing.

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