How to choose the right commercial flooring

How to choose the right commercial flooring

Posted: 01st September 2019

Posted by: The National Testing Team

How To Prevent Slippery Floors

When it comes to fitting a type of flooring, most people will consider appearance and cost. As important as those aspects are, there are a whole range of questions to ask yourself to get the best flooring for you, especially if your flooring is for a commercial property. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Brand Image

When you walk onto a premises, the first thing to catch your eye is the flooring. It’s everywhere. You may want to take advantage of this and incorporate the colours associated with your company’s brand into the flooring. Similarly, some businesses opt to print their logo or image onto the flooring. It’s a simple way to attract a customer’s attention as they walk onto the premises.

You may want to match the flooring style and material to fit with what your company offers. For example, a hospital may want to look into floorings that share warmth and comfort to their customers, where as an industrial setting may prefer a harder appearance or a boutique shop may choose an elegant look for their flooring.

Use of Environment

You should always consider what you’re flooring is being used for to pick the right flooring for your needs. If your workers spend a lot of time on their feet, you can look into cushioned carpet to provide comfort. You may be in an environment that encounters lots of spillages so flooring that is easy to clean would be most beneficial. If there is heavy footfall through the premises, research flooring materials that provide durability. Similarly, if your flooring homes heavy machinery, strength and durability will be key factors here too.


Noise is a big factor to consider, especially in environments where noise can hinder work ethic. You need to consider things such as if your workers are moving around a lot or if you use equipment or machinery that have wheels and are moved often. In a hospital setting for example, you do not want clientele who are resting having to listen too screeching wheels on a floor. In some working environments, such as in manufacturing setting, noise will be inevitable so it’s about how you can reduce this as much as possible with the flooring material you choose.

Maintenance and Safety

Maintenance needs to be considered when you are working out costing of your flooring. The flooring may be cheap to buy at first glance, but this could quickly escalate when you consider the cost of repairing or maintaining the material. You may work in an environment where there is a high risk of damage, such as an area with lots of heavy equipment in use. In a setting such as kitchen, prone to spillages, you need to ensure that the material is easy to clean.

The law also requires that flooring is safe for workers and visitors to use, and you are at risk of forking out a hefty amount of money if someone is hurt on the premises and you are unable to show you have put measures in place to reduce accidents like slips, trips and falls. It’s extremely important so something to consider from the very beginning. The most common and easiest way to combat slippery flooring is to invest in a professional who can complete anti-slip testing on any flooring material. Tests provide you with results to show that your flooring is at a safe level, or will inform you if it’s not so you can do something about it before an accident happens!

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