Uses And Applications of Anti Slip Coatings On Floors

Uses And Applications of Anti Slip Coatings On Floors

Posted: 30th May 2018

Posted by: The National Testing Team

Anti Slip Flooring

Whether it’s for a restaurant, factory or warehouse, there are a whole variety of industrial flooring surfaces that can benefit from an anti-slip coating in order to promote a safe working environment. Anti-slip coating not only provides a sufficient grip to reduce the risk of a slip but can also help keep your floors looking their best. Below are some benefits of using anti-slip coating.


A big advantage of anti-slip coating is that there are a wide range of products available meaning it can be possible to cover just about any flooring surface in any location, whether it’s in a commercial or non commercial setting.

Environments that are more likely to be exposed to liquid or chemical spillages such as bathrooms, kitchens, factory floors and pools are where you will see the biggest benefits of applying an anti-slip coating. Similarly, using this coating in spaces such as walkways, stairs, under rugs, and in car parks can all assist in reducing the likelihood of slips.

Most coatings can be applied to just about any hard surface material including tiles, concrete, vinyl, wooden and metallic meaning it offers great versatility for commercial flooring.

Durability and Cost

A common misconception when considering an anti-slip coating to flooring is that it may damage the existing flooring materials. However, this is often not the case - in fact it can often have the opposite effect.

With a large proportion of anti slip coatings there are no visible changes, except in some cases when it can actually make your flooring have a much brighter appearance, making it look fresh and new. Adding a coating can also offer a protective barrier meaning the flooring itself doesn't suffer damage and in turn has a longer life span.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit to businesses is that it is a much cheaper option than ripping up existing flooring to replace with dedicated non slip safety flooring.

To ensure longevity and a professional finish, the safest option is to hire an expert to apply the coating for you to ensure it’s done correctly, optimised to it’s full protection, and without damage

Safety and Slip Testing

The number one advantage of anti-slip coating is of course the safety it provides, whether that’s for your employees, or your customers. Providing good slip resistant floors ensures legal compliance for commercial settings, so in the event of a slip, a company can be confident in saying they have done everything they can to try and prevent it. Installing the anti-slip coating causes little disruption to the environment compared with replacement of floors, so be reassured it won’t intrude massively on your business either.

To test whether your current floors require extra grip via a coating or to check any existing slip resistant coating, it is important to regularly employ a professional to attain that it is still up to legal standards. Pendulum slip testing is the most common and effective way of examining the flooring. Not only this, but it is both internationally recognised and the test of choice for the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), as well as being highly recognised within UK courts.

The minimum pendulum value that the HSE recommends for slip resistance can vary depending on the conditions you are likely to encounter in that environment. The professional you employ to complete the pendulum test will advise you of the pendulum value produced and what actions you need to take next.


It is important with any commercial property that a risk assessment is carried out in order to properly assess the environment and to determine whether anti slip coatings would be appropriate for the area. In some cases a specific flooring material may be required and a coating not sufficient enough.

If you would like some more information about slip resistance testing for your premises, or to request a quote, please get in touch with the team at National Testing. We recognise that each customer has their own specific slip testing needs and so tailor our services to ensure all your needs are met to the highest of standards. Adhering to HSE guidelines, we are UKAS accredited giving you complete peace of mind.

It is vital that you carry out risk assessments prior to laying any new flooring and once laid, have these need to be inspected by a professional on a regular basis to ensure that slip resistance is at, or above, the legal requirements. If you would like more information on getting your carpet slip resistance tested, or need to know what is required of you as a business, please contact us today.

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